Pubar Göteborg: 10 Best Pubs in Gothenburg

Gothenburg has a lot to offer when it comes to its nightlife and dining scenes. The neighborhood around Andra Långgatan is popular for its traditional pubs, while most clubs are located at and around the main street of the city, Avenyn. In Vasastan, you have a big variety of bars and pubs, and all around the city are places that suit everyone.

We listed the 10 best pubs  focuses in Gothenburg for you to visit: 

The Old Beefeater Inn

The Old Beefeater Inn | Pubar Göteborg | Pubs Gothenburg | Fika With Sha

Photo taken from The Old Beefeater’s FB page

The Old Beefeater Inn is located on a parallel street to one of the bigger streets in Gothenburg, Linnégatan. It’s a traditional British pub, and the interior really gives you the feeling of stepping into a pub in London. The entrance is actually designed as an old, red English phone booth and makes the place stand out when you’re passing by. 

They have 17 taps filled with everything from ale to cider and lager. These come from both well-known and local breweries. The wide range of whiskies, especially Scotch malt whisky, adds to the distinctly British feel of the pub.

So what food can you eat in this pub? You can indulge in some burgers, steaks or chips. They also serve lunch during the week and offer catering if you are having a dinner or party.

If you want a real British pub atmosphere, Beefeater is the place to go!

7:ans Ölhall

On the square of Kungstorget lies Ölhallen 7:an, or 7:ans Ölhall as it’s usually called. The word beer hall breathes older times, and 7:ans is definitely old. As a matter of fact, it’s the oldest remaining beer hall in Sweden. It opened in 1900, and at that time, there were 14 beer halls and wine huts as well as four pubs for booze and brandy around the square.

What makes the place unique is that it is actually exempt from the Swedish law that one must serve food in order to obtain permission to serve alcohol. The fixed interior is mainly intact and consists of high, dark brown wood paneling in the Neo-Renaissance style. Chairs, tables, and other interior items are also old-school, which keeps the vintage feel of the place. 

You have to take note that the beer hall only serves beer and no other kinds of beverages such as wine or cider. They only have appetizers for food. 

The Golden Days

The Golden Days | Pubar Göteborg | Pubs Gothenburg | Andra Långgatan | Fika With Sha

Photo taken from The Golden Days’ FB page

Golden Days is an established and English-inspired pub and restaurant in the very center of Gothenburg. It’s just beside the biggest mall in Gothenburg, Nordstan, and only 5 minutes walking distance from Central Station. It was first opened in 1974 and was fully renovated in 2010. Despite the renovation, they kept the old, traditional vibe of Golden Days.

The pub has many choices, both for drinking and eating. They have almost 400 types of whiskey and 50 types of beer. Their wide variety of drinks can be enjoyed on their tastings of both whiskey and beer which they arrange on a monthly basis. There is also after work every weekday and quiz nights every Thursday.

There are many  options when it comes to dining. You can have today’s lunch, which is served every weekday. You can also enjoy their Swedish dish Plankstek (plank steak), which is served on their plank Sundays and has been a popular feature on their menu for many years. Aside from these, the menu has steaks, hamburgers, and other types of pub dishes. One other traditional Swedish dish on their menu is the PyttiPanna.

Since they have a lot to offer, Golden Days is the pub to visit when you want to satisfy your thirst and hunger!

The Flying Barrel

The Flying Barrel is a gastropub located 200 meters from Avenyn, just beside Vasaparken and the University of Gothenburg.
The term gastropub was made up in 1991 and combines the words pub and gastronomy (the practice or art of choosing, cooking, and eating good food). You can think of it as a restaurant in a pub.

There are over 120 different beers and a lot of whiskeys and rum to choose from. You can enjoy these on their price-worthy after work which they have every weekday. 

The space is cozy, with a stylish and classic interior, such as crystal chandeliers and striped wallpaper. The pub also has a basement with a cocktail bar in a real speakeasy style from the 1920s prohibition era in the U.S. It has brick walls and dim lighting, which gives it a really genuine feeling that you’ve traveled back a hundred years to an underground bar in New York.

The food they serve is of high quality, and that’s why it’s a gastropub. They offer traditional Swedish meatballs, a number of burgers, BBQ beer-glazed ribs, and other fine dishes.

The Flying Barrel is the perfect place to visit if you want to eat and drink in a more special ambience compared to the normal pub.


Ölrepubliken | Pubar Göteborg | Pubs Gothenburg | Andra Långgatan | Fika With Sha

Photo taken from Ölrepublikens FB page

Located at Kronhusgatan in the quarters of Kronhusen, where the houses are from the 17th and 18th centuries (1600–1700), lies “A beer nation in Gothenburg,” as they call themselves.

Even though the location is in central Gothenburg, just a few blocks from Nordstan and Brunnsparken, this is not a street you just pass by if you’re out strolling in the city looking for a place to have a drink.

Despite this, the pub is often crowded, and most guests are there for the beer. They have a big selection, with around 30 beers on tap and over 200 different bottles.  Many of them come from breweries in Gothenburg. The bartenders and staff know their beer and are helpful in making recommendations based on your tastes.

Ölrepubliken opened in 2009, and the place has a special interior compared to most other pubs in Gothenburg. While most others have a British style with all that entails, the Republic has more of an industrial touch with its pipes and darker colors. The second floor is a loft, which gives it a very high ceiling and adds to the industrial atmosphere.

The menu offers typical pub food such as burgers, fish and chips, and a couple of other alternatives. Even though the food is good, this is a place I recommend if you want  to have a couple of beers.

Station Linné

The second gastropub on our list is Station Linné. Their slogan is “Passion for beer, people, and food”. They mentioned on their site that “Before opening this gastropub, we visited different countries and cities in Europe to offer you as a guest that little something extra”. 

They don’t have any typical pub meals on their menu, unlike most other pubs. Station Linné lives up to their description as a gastropub, focusing on both foods and drinks. They actually change a couple of dishes on their menu once a month, and it includes dishes from all over the world. The beer menu is similar to the meal menu, offering both local and international beers from across the world.

Station Linné is located at Linnéplatsen, which is a big hub for trams and buses, and at the entrance to the big park of Slottsskogen. The combination of the location and the quality of the pub makes it a very popular. 

The place is always filled with customers whenever I pass by.  We can agree that any establishment with a lot of customers is a good sign. 

The Red Lion 

Situated at the square of Mariaplan, about 15-20 minutes with the tram from the city center, you find The Red Lion. Mariaplan is the biggest square in the neighborhood where we live, Majorna.

Here you can have dishes such as burgers, fish and chips, and their best seller, their ribs. A lot of people actually go there for these.

They have a wide selection of beers, both on taps and bottles. There are also a lot of alternatives for other drinks and beverages.

The Red Lion opened in 2003 and has been the most popular pub in Majorna the last few years. It’s a traditional and cozy British pub, which is seen in the decor and the interior. You get the feeling of a friendly and welcoming neighborhood pub with a lot of local regular customers when you walk in there. It has a large outdoor seating area with a nice view of Mariaplan.

This is a popular and well-visited place, and Majorna is a really cozy area to hang out in!


Located at the corner of Masthuggstorget at Första Långgatan. Even though it’s not at Andra Långgatan, the famous pub street of Gothenburg, I would still count Haket as part of these pubs since it’s just a 3-minute walk. This is a popular place that’s often crowded.

I like the design of the place since it contains a number of smaller rooms. This is nice when you’re with a group of friends or having an after work because, if you’re lucky or there a bit early, you can kind of have your own room there. There are also a couple of couches. 

The selection of draft beers is not very wide, but on the other hand, they have a lot of different brands in bottles. Many of these are from Swedish and Scandinavian microbreweries.

They serve typical pub food with burgers, steaks, and especially their yummy fish and chips. What’s a bit unusual for a pub is that they serve sushi as well, and it’s as good as at a sushi restaurant.

The Bishops Arms 

The Bishops Arms | Pubar Göteborg | Pubs Gothenburg | Andra Långgatan | Fika With Sha

Photo taken from The Bishops Arms Järntorget’s FB page

The Bishops Arms is a franchise of gastropubs that are true to the British pub tradition and have a great selection of food and drinks.The first pub opened up in Västerås in 1993, and today there are 39 of them all around Sweden. Three of these are located in the city center of Gothenburg.

One of them is situated at Västra Hamngatan, just a 5-minute walk from Central Station and next door to the Elite Plaza Hotel.The second location is in the middle of the pulse at Avenyn. The pub is located on the basement level of the Elite Park Avenue Hotel.

The third location is in the middle of Järntorget. Since 1896, the building has served as a tavern. It received substantial renovations in the spring of 2020 and is definitely worth a visit. The pub has the largest selection of beer and single malt whiskey in the city. There are about 200 bottled beers and 30 cask beers, most of which come from Swedish and foreign microbreweries.

The food is always cooked with local ingredients, and some dishes changes a few times a year at each location. Burgers, fish and chips, and other traditional pub dishes will always be on the menu, as well as other alternatives.

9:ans Ölhall

When listing down the top pubs in Gothenburg, you have to include at least one at the famous pub street of Gothenburg, Andra Långgatan. Even though the gentrification partly has taken a hold of the area around , there are still a lot of places at Andra Långgatan that are untouched and where you can have cheap beer and cheap food. Many of the guests are young and a lot of them are students and it’s often a lot of people there.

The 700 meter street has an almost infinite number of pubs. One of the most popular is 9:ans Ölhall.  It’s considered by many to be the cosiest beer hall on the street and it’s located at number 9, therefore the name. They have a wide variety of beers to pick from. Choose everything from a cheap alternative to a beer from a small local brewery.

If you are hungry, you can grab some nachos, burgers, and fish and chips. The place also has a small outdoor seating area which is mostly crowded when it’s warmer outside. On Tuesdays, they do quizzes.

If you want cheap beer in a chill pub environment, the pubs at Andra Långgatan are really worth a visit!

Final Thoughts

Which pub in Gothenburg are you looking forward to visit?

These are all personal recommendations and we are not affiliated with any of the pubs mentioned. Please also take note that there might be changes in prices and operating hours so we highly encourage you to please double check should you decide to visit any of the places mentioned.