Fika Malmö: 10 Best Cafes in Malmö For Swedish Fika 2023

Malmö is a city we love to visit! It is Sweden’s third-largest city, next to Gothenburg and Stockholm. We go there often to see some friends or to make a stop before we head over to Copenhagen.

Less than an hour is needed to get by train from Copenhagen. It feels more international and continental than Gothenburg because of its proximity to the European continent. Owing to its international atmosphere, you may anticipate a wide variety of culinary options.

The city has more than 300 cafes, including artisanal roasteries, patisseries with French influences, and, most prominently, slick contemporary cafés and traditional Swedish coffee shops.

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The presence of both Swedish and various international preferences makes the fika scene in Malmö particularly interesting. Many cafés host cultural events including poetry readings, live music performances, and art exhibits, making them popular gathering spots for locals and creatives. I think it’s a great feature to highlight, especially for people who love art and fika.

The cafe scene in Malmö is significantly influenced by sustainability, much like the rest of Sweden. Several cafes sell fair-trade and organic goods, reduce their carbon footprints, and use environmentally friendly materials.

Lilla Kafferosteriet

Lilla Kafferosteriet is housed in an ancient, beautiful 17th-century (1600) building on the strolling street close to Stortorget in central Malmö.

The interior of the café is every bit as gorgeous and old-fashioned as the outside, making for an experience similar to stepping into a historical period. This is another place to visit for those who love high-quality coffee. They want you to know and learn about your coffee, not simply taste it.

Lilla Kafferosteriet collaborates with the world’s greatest coffee specialists and searches the globe for the best coffee beans from the best estates, all for the sake of developing their coffee and coffee culture.

The café provides coffee tastings where you may learn more about coffee’s history and journey, characters, and other coffee-related subjects. They also give assistance in developing and producing your own coffee. Cafes, restaurants, and anybody looking for better coffee may get it here.

When it comes to dining options, the café serves Swedish fika, pastries, and breakfast all day.

Don’t miss out on this unique coffee experience in a historic building. It will be a memory you will cherish.

Solde Kaffebar

The café, which is next to Scandic Malmö City, is truly a coffee lover’s paradise. It was actually voted the best coffee bar in Malmö in 2019 by the biggest newspaper in the city, SydSvenskan.

The coffee served at Solde Kaffebar is unique because it is sourced from small-scale suppliers and roasted locally at their Malmö roastery. They make every effort to keep just a few steps between themselves and the producer. This ensures that everyone participating in the process has a decent working environment and that the environment is taken into consideration in a sustainable way.

They have a lot of dessert options that go perfectly with their coffee. The cafe has a charming and homey vibe, thanks to the use of old furnishings and wooden tables. If you enjoy quality coffee, this is a spot to go to in Malmö. You can also purchase freshly roasted beans to take home.

Konditori Hollandia

Konditori Hollandia, located on Södra Förstadsgatan in the city centre, is the city’s oldest café and a real Malmö institution. They originally opened their doors in 1903, and throughout the 1950s, the rooms were furnished with Dutch furnishings, giving rise to the name Hollandia.

You may enjoy the lively public life from their stylish and lovely outdoor eating area throughout the sunny months of the year. It is decorated with palm trees, giving an exotic touch to the outdoor space.

They emphasise that everything they offer is created from the greatest raw ingredients and is of the highest quality. When guests visit the café, they frequently order wonderful sandwiches for lunch.

They call themselves “Tårtornas Paradis” (Cake Paradis), and I believe they live up to the name. The café serves a variety of cakes, including the famous Swedish Prinsesstårta and a variety of other options. You may also purchase cakes here if you’re hosting a party or if their cakes are so delicious that you want 5 pieces to take home with you.

Café Pronto

The café is a popular coffee shop and bakery located in Lilla Torg, just a few minutes from our friend’s office. Fun fact: Lilla Torg was actually built in 1591!

Café Pronto opened in 1995 and is known as Home of the Cheesecake. If you are a cheesecake fan, this is a great place for you! Although they serve popular American cheesecakes like the famous New York Classic cheesecake, you can still enjoy Swedish fika with your friends here in Malmö. The interior of the place is Italian-American-inspired.

They also serve lunch, and it is a nice hangout spot after work too. If you have events, you can also contact them for their catering services.

One thing’s for sure: if you are in Malmö, this is a cafe worth visiting!

Café No.6

Café No.6 is one of several small cafes in Malmö’s St. Knut area, near Folkets Park. This modest café on Mäster Henriksgatan can get pretty crowded inside, but they have a lovely garden with tables just over the street.

It is a city oasis and a preferred place for fika in the summer because it is situated on a dead-end street with little traffic. They provide a range of sweets and treats, particularly their homemade kanelbullar (cinnamon buns), but the coffee is the specialty of the café.

No. 6 is a wonderfully comfortable little coffee shop, and the staff there make the experience amazing. This is a place you should go if you want the small café feeling.

Uggla Kaffebar

Uggla Kaffebar is about a 2-minute walk from No. 6. In English, Uggla means owl (the bird). The story behind the name is that they needed to scare away the pigeons, so they put an owl up on the corner of the coffee bar.

As well as No. 6, this is a small and cosy café in the neighbourhood of Sorgenfri in Malmö. You may sit at the bar, outside, along the house knot, or at their square tables. You may also hang out in the coffee cellar downstairs.

Their coffee comes from smaller roasteries in the area. One of these is Solde, which is at the top of our list. They also want to focus on organic raw materials, such as their eggs from Hylleshög’s farm. You can buy these organic eggs to bring home. They offer different kinds of toast and salads as well as desserts and pastries. One of these is what they call “the world’s best kokostopp”, which is a popular Swedish pastry. We also have a list of some of the best Swedish pastries for you to try.

There are also different breakfast alternatives, depending on how hungry you are.

Patisserie David

Patisserie David is located in one of the oldest and most charming quarters of Malmö, Sankt Gertrud, which is actually heritage-listed. The house where it’s located gives you a feeling of the Middle Ages. It’s only a 5-minute walk from central station, and just on the other side of the street from Radisson Blu on Östergatan.


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The owner, David Fernandes, is Portuguese and started his training as a pastry apprentice in Luxembourg. Later, he received excellent training at some of the finest pastry shops in Strasbourg, France. He brought the philosophy to Malmö that baking cookies and cakes is a craft when he opened the café in 2003. Everything is made from scratch, and they use no semi-finished products or preservatives whatsoever.

They offer traditional Swedish bread and fika, as well as different cakes and pastries. They also serve famous French pastries like macarons and madeleines, which are French sponge cakes.

Kaffebaren på Möllan

The café is located in a corner of a classic building in Möllevångstorget in Malmö. The area is a multicultural neighbourhood a bit from the city centre on the other side of Folkets Park compared to No. 6 and Uggla.

The fruit and vegetable market on the other side of the street gives the area a busy, packed atmosphere. The café, where many customers walk in, purchase their coffee, and take it out, reflects this as well.

Their espresso and cappuccino are among the favourites for many of their visitors. They also offer other variants of coffee as well as different typical fika pastries such as croissants, cinnamon buns, and others. On the menu are also a number of breakfast alternatives, and one of the biggest pros of Möllans are the prices. Everything they offer is price worthy, and compared to most other popular places in the city, they are on a bit of a lower price level.

Konditori Katarina

Konditori Katarina is a Skåne franchise with eight cafés: six in Malmö, one in Trelleborg, and one in Höllviken. Their bakery is situated in Limhamn, near the Öresunds bridge, on the outskirts of Malmö. They also have one of their cafés here, and you can view their bakers at work via the window between the bakery and the shop.

The first café has existed in the area of Katrinelund since 1959. It’s located in the eastern part of Malmö. In 2004, the first branch was opened on Stora Nygatan in the city centre. The company has grown over the years, and it has been able to open new cafés along the way. In 2016, they opened the cosy café on Hamngatan, just a 5-minute walk from Central Station. In 2019, it was named “Café of the Year” in Malmö.

Their cafés are true pastry shops where you can enjoy real Swedish fika. Their motto is “Konditori Katarina, when taste decides!” Since they are spread out through the city, it’s hard to miss them when walking around in Malmö!

Noir Vin & Kaffekultur

The name, which is translated to “Noir Wine and Coffee Culture,” is what it sounds like: it’s a combined bar, café, and restaurant located just behind Lilla Torg in central Malmö. They have one of the greenest and definitely one of the nicest patios in the city.

The owners, Alexandra and Andrea Papini, are a Swedish-Italian couple, and you can really see the Italian touch in Noir. The fact that they call themselves a wine and coffee bar does not really make it a typical Swedish fika place. Since Malmö is a multicultural city, this is reflected in the fika culture as well, and that’s why Noir deserves a place on our list!

Aside from natural wine and a big variety of quality coffee, they offer different pastries and meals, both Swedish and Italian. One of their specialties is their home-made lemonade, as well as ginger shots and, of course, their Italian breakfast.

If you want a unique fika experience in Malmö, you should visit this bar. There are still a lot of wonderful cafés for Swedish fika in the city, as you can see in our list.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned, Malmö has more than 300 cafes and coffee shops, so there’s something for everyone. These 10 fika spots are our own picks, but I’m sure there are other great places we missed. Feel free to let us know about your recommendations!


These are all personal recommendations and we are not affiliated with any of the restaurants and cafes mentioned. Please also take note that there might be changes in prices and operating hours so we highly encourage you to please double check should you decide to visit any of the places mentioned.