On weekends, I like to enjoy longer sleep, thus waking up later, which means breakfast and lunch will be rolled into one. I have always been a fan of brunch get-togethers with friends, and when I moved to Göteborg, I loved the fact that the city has a great selection of brunch places to enjoy.

So I also wondered why brunch dates became so popular. Google trends show that interest in brunch has steadily grown since 2004. In terms of history, brunch’s beginnings are actually rather recent, and they are also well documented. The phrase was first used in writing in a brief essay by Guy Beringer titled Brunch: A Plea that appeared in a British edition of Hunter’s Weekly in 1895.

Beringer argued in it that a new meal was necessary, one that would integrate the best aspects of breakfast and lunch into a single meal that would be served later in the day. It was first planned as a Sunday break from the hangovers brought on by the activities the night before. It makes sense, especially if you spent your Friday or Saturday night out, or just had a late Netflix and chill! 

Brunch Göteborg: The Best Brunch Spots in Gothenburg

Brunch Göteborg: Haga

1. Le Petit: I have also listed Le Petit in our top cafes and mentioned that you can enjoy a good breakfast here. There is a daily breakfast buffet from 8 in the morning which consists of Turkish yoghurt, Homemade muesli with homemade jam, berries and fruit, Blueberry scones and sourdough bread, salami, parma ham, fresh juices, coffee and tea.

Brunch Göteborg: Järntorget, Linné

2. Egg and Milk: This place is an American diner that has been serving breakfast and brunch all day since 2005. Eggs cooked in different ways, milkshakes, yoghurt, freshly squeezed juices, pancakes, bagels, and coffee are all on the menu with vegan-friendly options too. They serve only fresh food, so it can take some time when you order.

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3. Kafferosten: At Kafferosten, a breakfast buffet is offered daily, and there is an extensive selection of desserts to pair with your coffee. The cafe’s co-owners and twin sisters prepare all cakes and pastries according to their own recipes. To create a more vibrant atmosphere, artists are given the opportunity to display their work on the walls, and the mini-exhibitions are rotated weekly. Seating is available both inside and on the glazed terrace. It’s also a dog-friendly cafe, so you can come here after your walk in Slottskogen.

4. Ethel’s Cafe: I’ve also listed Ethel’s Cafe in my top cafes in Gothenburg. Brunch is served daily from 10 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon. You should also try their luxury brunch, which costs 198 SEK. You can choose between Danish – two Smörrebröd  (traditional Danish sandwich) of smoked salmon and hand-peeled prawns; Italiano—sourdough cut with cream cheese, Bresaola, and prosciutto; or Ethel’s with scrambled eggs and bacon, Chia pudding, or yoghurt. Sounds delicious! 

5. Coco Orangerie: There’s a good selection in this place, from egg dishes to sandwiches to bowls and salads. The Coco bowl is actually my favourite. You can also indulge in some sweets. They also have a brunch package for 389 SEK per person that already includes Little Queenbowl, Eggs Benedict, pancakes, coffee, and juice; if you want mimosas, you can just add 79 SEK for them. Brunch options are available on weekends. 

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 6. Brunchoteket: This is one of the most popular options for brunch. They have two locations in Gothenburg. The one I visit the most is in Linnegatan, but you can also go to the one in Kungstorget 2. You can tell by the name that they specialise in brunch. The “Specials of the Month” include both sweet and savoury selections.

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 7. Breakfast Society – Breakfast Society takes inspiration from the Sydney breakfast concept. This is probably the go-to breakfast or brunch place on weekends. Their banana bread with berries is a must-try! They are only open on Saturdays, Sundays, and some holidays.

Brunch Göteborg –  Avenyn

 8. Bönor & Bagels – Love Bagels? This place is for you! You can already tell that they promise incredibly good bagels, which you can pair with fresh juices or a warm cup of coffee. This place is a gem, and it seems like there are longer lines now.

9. Boqueria: Brunch is served at Boqueria every Saturday and Sunday from noon to 15:30. The classic dishes are given a touch of Spanish flavour. If you love tapas and chorizo like me, then you will enjoy this place.

10. Cheri-lee – As an Asian myself, I also crave Asian breakfast from time to time. Cheri-Lee’s brunch menu includes Kimchi, spicy noodles, a brisket bowl, tempura shrimp truffles, etc. What a treat!

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11. Brasserie Lavette: This place serves brunch on Saturdays and Sundays only. They have egg dishes, bread, salads, waffles, and oysters that you can pair with champagne! If you want to try a variety of dishes, you can order a set menu, which costs 425 SEK. It includes a toasted mini bagel with avocado, Eggs Benedict, dirty fries, and a Belgian waffle with maple syrup.

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12. Isabelle: On Saturdays and Sundays, you can have brunch at this New York-inspired restaurant on Teatergatan, next to Avenyn. You can indulge in some oysters or go for the favourites like American pancakes, egg royal, and avocado toast.

13. Joe Farelli’s Another place where you can enjoy an American breakfast is Joe Farelli’s. They have a brunch buffet every Sunday from September to March. You can enjoy American and Italian dishes like mini burgers, sweet potato fries, chicken wings, ribs, pizzas, club sandwiches, and much more. The buffet price is 325 SEK, but it’s also important to note that they do not have a special price for children.

Brunch Göteborg – Centrum

14. Wolfgang Vincafé: This wine bistro also offers a good brunch menu on weekends. You can check your options here

15. Lemon Garden: I love this place because all the food they serve is very pretty, or, let’s say, Instagram-worthy! You can enjoy brunch here on weekends from 10 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon. The brunch menu at Lemon Garden is mostly influenced by brunch in Tulum, Mexico. In order for the customers to enjoy the finest of the best, Mexican flavours are brought to Sweden. The emphasis on a “Caribbean aesthetic” in the dish, with a variety of tropical fruits like pitaya, mango, and pineapple, also prioritises the tropical vibe. They focus on the food being tasty, lively, and healthy. Some dishes you can enjoy are Mexican burritos, Mexican poke, fried shrimp tacos, different bowls like the Acai bowl and the Tropical bowl, and many more.

Brunch Göteborg | Lemon Garden

Brunch set for two at Lemon Garden (399 SEK) You can choose 1 Brunch Menu , 2 bowls , 1 pancake, 2 pcs of juice or lemonade or islatte

Brunch Göteborg | Lemon Garden

Fried Shrimp Tacos at Lemon Garden

16. Boulebar is one of the most popular brunch places in Göteborg and is very close to one of the city’s landmarks, Feskekôrka (Fish Church). This is a great place for group activities too, like after work, bachelorette parties, bowling, etc.

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Brunch Göteborg: Hisingen, Lindholmen, Eriksberg

 17. Lindholmen Streetfood Market: This is a unique place because it’s not like the usual brunch places we have on this list. On Saturdays, from noon until 5 in the afternoon, you can enjoy some street food from different restaurants and vendors. If you want some street food vibes for a Saturday brunch with friends, then this is the place.

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18. Seacup Cafe: This is another cafe from our “best cafes” list. Aside from good views and fika, you can also enjoy breakfast in this cosy cafe. On Saturdays, they serve breakfast consisting of hard-boiled eggs, yoghurt, a small croissant, and muesli paired with either juice, coffee, or tea. This only costs 89 SEK, while on Sundays, you pay 99 SEK for a breakfast buffet! worth every penny!

Final Thoughts 

So where are you headed for brunch this weekend?

These are all personal recommendations and we are not affiliated with any of the restaurants and cafes mentioned. Please also take note that there might be changes in prices and operating hours so we highly encourage you to please double check should you decide to visit any of the places mentioned.